Architectural Titanium


Titanium is a superior choice for diverse architectural applications including exterior cladding, curtainwalls, roof cladding, column covers, soffits, fascia, canopies, interior cladding, light fixtures as well as art, sculpture and monuments. Architectural titanium’s unique combination of outstanding corrosion resistance, strength, light weight, and durability gives it the longest life span of any metal, under any conditions, with minimal maintenance. It’s unique and subtle reflectivity is unmatched by any other metal. And with innovative designs that exploit its attributes, titanium is highly practical, especially when life cycle issues are considered.

• Excellent corrosion resistance – immune to corrosion from environmental attack

• Light weight – specific gravity is nearly 60% of iron

• Strength – tensile strength is comparable to carbon steel

• Low coefficient of thermal expansion – virtually equal to glass and concrete

• Life cycle – warranted for 100 years against through-wall corrosion

• Environmentally friendly – will not erode, corrode or leach metal ions into the environment

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